Long Day

Left the dock about 8 on friday morning and was going to try the outside for what-ever (really just wanted to see if I could make it) Marco 5M reef. I did make it but I really didn’t belong there, not sure what the seas were but in a 17’ skiff it was rough.:cool After drifting around over the wreck dragging a ladyfish with 2 really nice takes (both missed the hook) cudas Im thinking. We run back to the inside and headed south and ended up fishing around Turtle Key with nothing happening. After running and not catching anything we called it a day. Running back to the ramp we stopped at 1 LAST stop, and started to work an outside Island. Thats when the day turned on, in about 45mins we caught 4 redfish a 5’ blacktip and multiple trout. It took us about 6hrs to actually catch fish but when we did it was on. Funny how a few fish at the end of the day can really make it a banner day.:huh Trying to load pics, not working:banghead
I always cast to where the fish are. :crossed


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