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Palm Beach 3-31

Well, I have been fortunate enough to find a job doing something I love; fishing. I will be accompanying various private boat owners along on their boats and performing all fishing related duties (mating, location selection, and so on). Today we were aboard the Natty II, a 43ft Viking out of Palm Beach. We started the day off in 150ft straight out of the inlet with some scattered weed around 10am. Deciding with flying fish and weeds we were in a productive area, we zig-zagged through the scattered weeds to the south.
About 11:30 we found ourselves off the Dodge Wall in 250 when the shotgun goes off and beautiful Dolphin goes to the air. Get everything Situated and the owner (Ken) is on the rod. Ken does a great job with the fish and soon it finds its way into the box, no others in sight. First lure back in the water is the Reel Tease Teaser and it's not 30 feet off the back of the boat when another phin nails the trailing lure and it's fish on. Ken didn't even get a chance to leave the cockpit and he's fighting again. Just as the first, another phin finds it's way into the box. It's now 12 and they're happy to have some fish in the box. Hearing the radio chatter we decided to keep working the area. 20 minutes later we hear a report of a marlin released in 300ft just south of us. Another 10 minutes and we're all watching the rods when I notice a bill pop up on the right outrigger. Before I can get to the rod to drop back the fish popped the clip and we were in action trying to get it hooked. We managed to tease it to activity but couldn't get a strike, never did see whether it was a sail or marlin. Unfortunately for us, that's where the action ended. We trolled around until 2:30 and called it a day. We'll be back out tomorrow, should be a great day.
















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