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3/31/12 tough TOUGH day of fishing

My brother in law (who I fish bass tournaments with) is in town with the family, and windfinder called for good weather, so we give it a shot. Yesterday's reports also looked very good with many fish/weeds being found in 600ft. :crossed

Sandsprit was fuller than usual at 6:35am. Finally launched and bought 20 threadfins from the bait guy. This saved us about 30-45 min from trying to find the bait which are pretty scarce still. Weather was not as forecasted, so we make a NE run for a smoother ride out. A couple of days ago, my 13month old recommended me try a blue/white Ilander. Gave it a go, but nothing to show for... this won't be the last time, Lyla.

We set 4 lines in at 85ft and ran SE toward PBH without a takedown. I switched out a couple of lines for tuna chains (Thanks Jeff - Always Forward!) when we entered the hill, about a quarter way into the hill, Jace picks up his first blackfin tuna (which was initially thought to be weeds... to give you some perspective of the size of this beast). We trolled out to 400ft with no other take downs. Lots of scattered weeds which made trolling a little tougher. :banghead

We decided to take the lines in and run out deeper looking for signs of life. All day, we spotted no birds or rips, very little flyers and lots of scattered weeds. In about 520ft, we see a weedline forming, not yet defined. Trolled it for a couple of miles with no take downs, so we go to the biggest patch (570ft) we could find and drop down some liveys.. lets just say they were swimming like they were on vacation (no worries in the world). At this point, Eric (Plane Fish N) was in 1000 ft with not much luck so we turned around and headed for shallow water to drift live baits.

Hit a couple of reefs with no signs of life, then we go to the AJ spot and lots of fish marked, but current was ripping at 6mph (couldn't get my 14oz weight to hit bottom), so we had to make about a dozen drifts before I hooked up to a 25" AJ, back into the water he went). We also tried the sandpile with no luck. Anchor wouldn't hold and seas were picking up, so we decide to call it a day at 3pm.

Approaching the no wake zone by the ramp, there was a line of boats. I don't know what they were all doing, but I was one of the last ones to show up, and one of the first ones out of the water... :huh

We put 80 miles on today's trip, but with the short period waves, I was able to cruise at 28mph and 3.7 mpg (new record)!! :obscene

This may be my favorite pink boat ever! Don't know what kind, but it was pretty amazing... :hail

Bo (LETS GO), I sure missed those wings today buddy... had to settle for Publix Ultimate subs...

Keeping busy while away from Florida



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