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3-30 SLI Offshore Report - Phins & A Golden Tile

We got out the inlet at about 7:30 after buying some pilchards from the bait guy. Beautiful day on the deep blue with perfect conditions. There were nice rips everywhere starting in about 100 ft so we stopped and drifted some pilchards. After a little while with no luck we put out the spread and headed east. The plan was to head out to the tile fishing grounds in about 650-700 ft and try to find some phins on the way. No luck on the way out so we stopped at 650 and got out the Daiwa. No luck on the first drop but I noticed a nice weedline about a quarter mile to the east of us so we headed that way and dropped again. The current was ripping at about 4 knots but we pulled up a small tile and called it quits after that...(Just ate some as an appetizer as I'm writing this and **** that stuff is good!!!) We spent the rest of the day on the weedline which was covered with schoolie dolphin. There were nice schools of fish all over the place but I've never seen dolphin be so finicky. Must have seen 50 fish before we got one to bite. We just kept on moving down the line and finally found a school that was hungry. Ended up with 11 fins between 3-5 lbs but we must have seen at least 200 fish throughout the day. We had our best luck chumming them with sardine/bonita chunks, even over the live pilchards. It was a little frustrating but at the end of the day we came home with plenty of filets.

Didn't take many pics because I was bloody/fishy all day but I did have my GoPro headcam on so I'll try to get a vid up tonight/tomorrow...just wanted to get the report up for anybody going out tomorrow. Good Luck!

-Jimmy B
Previously "Sunliner" on the forum


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