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Need Help! Lost divers right now in Ft. Pierce

Two of our friends were separated from their boat in this storm that just passed in Fort Pierce. I need good intel on what the current was doing 11nm East of the Power Plant a few hours ago.

Call Brandon Langel (Blang) at 772 370 9657 if you were diving there today
and let him know what the current was. He and Jobert are on site right now looking for the two of them.

They were on tanks, have a dive light and hopefully surfaced sometime in the last 3 hours.

If you are in the area, please please please help out and go look for these guys. A night in the water is not fun and we need to get help for them soonest.

If you dove there today call him right now and tell him the current.
The rest of you cross your fingers and pray.
Cameron Kirkconnell


  • latitudeajustmentlatitudeajustment Posts: 2,058 Captain
    Keeping them in my thoughts and prayers...GOD BLESS!!!!!
  • hatcityhatcity Stuart,FLPosts: 3,413 Captain
    Prayers for their safe return
    I was not born stupid, just had lots of practice
  • CameronKirkconnellCameronKirkconnell Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    They found them! Coast Guard Cutter picked them up! Will update on Facebook but sounds like they are ok. Thanks to everyone that was out there and everyones support who wasn't. I would hope that my friends would do the same for you or me if this ever happened to us. Thanks everyone I know the guys who were in the water are relieved.
  • hatcityhatcity Stuart,FLPosts: 3,413 Captain
    Glad to hear they are OK
    I was not born stupid, just had lots of practice
  • Plane Fish nPlane Fish n Posts: 6,439 Admiral
    Glad they are ok...

    You are a good friend Cameron.


  • mike_smike_s Posts: 445 Deckhand

    Two scuba divers separated from their boat and missing in the Atlantic Ocean late Saturday afternoon have been found alive, drifting in the Gulf Stream about 10 miles northeast of the Fort Pierce Inlet, a U.S. Coast Guard official said.

    Petty Officer 2nd Class Joseph Holmes at the Fort Pierce Coast Guard station said the divers were found at 8:40 p.m. and are being brought back to the inlet.

    At 9 p.m., Ann Ashton, the mother of one of the divers, Mason Matthews, 20, of Fort Pierce, said she understands both divers are OK. She was at the inlet, waiting for them to be brought to shore.

    Robin Longstreet of Fort Pierce, the mother of David "Catfish" Longstreet, was at the inlet waiting for her son, who went out on a boat to find the divers.

    "They're very smart young men and I know they knew what to do," she said. "It's just scary getting them here."

    Late Saturday afternoon, Holmes said the divers were both wearing buoyancy compensators, which is diving gear that can be inflated.

    "Hopefully, they're just floating on the surface, waiting to be picked up," Holmes said.

    Holmes said the two divers were among eight people aboard the 23-foot vessel "I.V. Teasing" with a home port of Fort Pierce. He was not able to identify the divers or captain of the boat.

    The divers were first reported missing about 4:30 p.m., east of the Florida Power & Light Co. nuclear power plant.

    Holmes said the Fort Pierce station launched a second search boat shortly before 7 p.m. and a Coast Guard helicopter from Miami was about to replace one already on-scene but running out of fuel.

    Holmes said a search boat from the Martin County Sheriff's Office was on-scene, along with civilian boats piloted by friends of the missing men.
  • conchydongconchydong Pompano BeachPosts: 7,423 Admiral
    Thats great news.

    “Everyone behaves badly--given the chance.”
    ― Ernest Hemingway

  • DudeDude Posts: 1,789 Officer
    Great news!
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