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Boynton 3-31

Went off shore for the first time in a while. Took a about 45 min and caught 6 runners to try and drift baits and not troll the whole trip. Headed north by the pier and started out deep at 200+, testing out the drift. it was north and slow in. After an hour, I was oin 110 or so and look abck at the top bait and see a dorsal closing in. I had mono leader on that one so I knew if he hit it, I'd get a clean cutoff... 5 min goes by, nothing, I reel in the bait and I have a big tangle , from letting the line out too fast... bummer(I guess) Got it untangled, put it back out, get a bottom fishing rod out, as I am now gonna see the reef. My bottom runner just takes off, I crank down the drag to no avail, its just running deep. As luck would have it, this one has wire... I'd soon regret that too!!!

Anyway, 1/2 hour later, its a 6 foot plus hammer head, I had him 1 time within 10-15 feet, but couldnt be sure what it was, second t8ime he was 6 geet and I had the 60 lb mono leader at the tip before he headed deep again. Thrird time I got my half a spool back, I broke him off on purpose.

At this point, the wind started blowing and I was up past Sloans Curve. Put out trolling baits and trolled back to Boynton with no other action.

I hope someone caught something troday!!!!:thumbsup:thumbsup


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