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Late report - b day week, inc fishing 3/23 out of Jupiter

Well I'm now just past 40, and had a great week doing it. I wish I could report that I'd bought a new boat as some on here have done for 40!

I played hooky during the week to catch a ball game. Surprise! Reason we had to get there early....

Took another day off, Friday 3/23 since my buddy came down from Panama City. We trolled skirted ballyhoo out of Jupiter, after a late start (I don't think he cleared the inlet 'til after 8am. It was a little bumpy early, but turned out to be very nice. Chris is still on the hunt for his first sail, so we stayed closer to typical sailfish depths. We had several knockdowns, but only came tight once. All were on a red/white stubby in front of the 'hoo. Once I saw the tail clearing the water I quit taking pictures to clear the cockpit and man the gaff.

The bright blue you see is the pectoral fin, not a lure -- I think that is fun.

Nothing amazing, but a fine dinner after a great day on the water.

Couldn't fish again Sat. as folks were coming to the house in the evening and there were chores to do to get ready. Surprise! Mom and Dad came to town for this too! Chris had brought a sack of Apalach oysters down with him so we had a great happy hour before folks started arriving.

Cheers Gang! Fish on!:beer


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