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gator4evergator4ever Posts: 2,595 Captain
If you havent been to camp in the past few weeks? You had better go now.

There has been a rash of burglary's all over Glades County and I imagine Hendry County as well. At last count 40 leases have been hit. They must be using google earth to pinpoint the camp locations?

We got hit last week and others around us did also.
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  • SwampratSwamprat Posts: 1,058 Officer
    That sucks......hate a thief. Hope they catch them
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  • monkeybusinessjrmonkeybusinessjr Posts: 380 Deckhand
    Yep us too. A member is going out today to assess damage.
  • BCSAILSBCSAILS Posts: 436 Deckhand
    They hit us three weeks ago. Hit me for $600 worth of gear and personal effects and even stole my hog mount from my RV? POS'S!!!! They hit every members shack/RV. I missed them by 2 hrs on a Monday am per trail cam shot of the two, face masked, punks on their ATV with back seat that had unique welded back rest...keep an eye out.....
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