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Another great morning.

I launched the kayak again on the East side of the river, north of the power plant and 7:30 am. Finally got a break from the howling winds. The wind this morning was light out of the N.W. Bait was everywhere.The bite started slow with small trout. 9-14 inches max. I figured it would be a slow day, boy was I wrong !! Around 8:30 is when the real bite started. This is when all the 20"+ trout started to slam my lures. I also caught a nice 25" redfish. After I snapped a few photos of the redfish I released her. ( All trout were released also ). I was in the process of cleaning my measuring ruler off when I dropped it in the water.:banghead S.O.B !!!! so after staking out the yak I went for a swim to find it. The water was only about 5 ft so after a little search and rescue, it and I were back in the yak. I also had a mystery fish that I hooked and it started to scream line off, then SNAP !!! My brand new braided line just broke.:huh I like to think it was just a large jack and not a big red but who knows. On the paddle back in I came across a group of manatees that were very curious about me, so I hung around for a little bit and watched has they played around near my kayak. I wish I could of got my slam today but no snook. Think I will try the west side tomorrow. All and all it was another GREAT day..
Tight Lines..


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