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Some big night time bass 3/18

So I was hesitant on making this post because I am ashamed of the pictures, lol. I hate making posts with no pictures and these pics are almost worth nothing. However this was perhaps my catch yet in freshwater. I hit a pond over here in Brandon near my apartment last night and the bite was on. I found a new pond over here with dinosaur sized shiners in it which I was stoked about. I got about a dozen baits from 8-11" and I was on my way.*

*I got to the lake right at twilight and the first bait didn't last but a minute. I pulled in a solid 4lb fish. The next hour or so was more of the same, fish in the 3-4lb range. At about 9pm the big fish came out to play. I got a fish that was about 6 lbs. He exploded on a huge shiner, I love it....

So after a couple more 3lbers my last and biggest shiner goes down HARD and I set the hook on what feels like the bottom. My drag starts singing and the hook pulls. I immediately cast the bait back out and the float goes under the same way but this time he is not getting away. After a hard fight I get in this toad. This is the worst pic of all time. I didn't get a weight but I had my handy FWC measuring tape and she was a hair over 26" and 16.5" around. Like I said this pic is terrible. It was so dark and I was shaking so badly from excitement. I put in the dimensions on a few of the weight calculators and they are giving me about 10.9lbs.*
*Well sorry about the pics guys. I just didn't want to say I caught a lunker and have zero evidence, lol. I wish I could have gotten a legitimate pic, this thing was as long as my arm. Fat, but not too fat like those freaky California fish. It was an epic way to end the night.
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