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3/26 Pompanotastic day!!!

Few friends wanted to go out fishing for a lil while today and I couldnt resist with picture perfect weather (a lil too breezy for me). We launched off around 3-4:00 in the afternoon at Sandsprint Park and head straight over to the flats and using cut bait tried to get some snappers but we were getting a few very tiny lanes so we moved on. Hit the docks and still some small snappers, none worth keeping. We all figured we would head over to some of my good docks in Sewalls Point and try and scoop up a red or two but on the way over i figured id give it a shot at some pompano. Few casts in I hook up on one, it went in the dinnerwell and continue. About 3 keeper pompano later I figure id stop at the 4th keeper and call it a day for me. My friend started to catch on what I was doing and he then hooks up and it took him for a good ride and about 10 mins later we get it in the net and a good solid 5 pounds or more. Measured it 20" to fork! After that I gave it a try some more and second cast in I hook up and took me close to the same ride as my friends and net it and I get a solid 5 pounder and it too being right up to 20" to fork and that made up my 4th keeper. I was still pumped so I kept throwing and soon get my 5th and 2 bluefish were chasing it and scared it pretty bad and it was a smaller 12" to fork and in it went. Few more casts in and I get my 6th keeper and it too being a big one but just a lil smaller at 18.5" to fork. since i had my limit and my friend was satisfied with the one he had we called it a day around 7. Im sure if we were to have stayed longer we could have gotten alot more but ill go back out again tomorrow for some more.


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