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Its been a booming season thus far

OnTheMarkOnTheMark Posts: 9 Greenhorn
My season started out during youth days guiding a 10 year old boy to a nice longbeard. The bird gobbled on the roost shut up when he hit the ground, but came in to a flydown cackle and a few soft calls. At 38 yards the youngster dropped him. Practice on the range paid off.

Opening day was quiet as the turkeys i was hunting got bumped off the roost, finally late in the afternoon I called a gobbler in and he hung up around 70 yards, turned and went to roost. Fortunately, I had a plan for him the next morning, with five gobblers responding and coming across a clearing this one circled me and came in silent, just spitting and druming. A 2 year old, but I was more than willing to take him to break the ice.

Thursday afternoon, I worked 3 gobblers for two hours and finally got one to make a mistake. A doubled bearded 3 year old, the real story happened when i grabbed him by the legs he flopped and caught my glove in his spur, about broke my hand and cut me. I couldnt get away from a dead turkey and had to cut my hand out of my glove. See pic of turkey leg with glove attached.

This morning I had the opportunity to take my dad and grandfather, I put my grandfather in a blind and he had a gobbler in front of him for 4 hours but would never come in range. He was thrilled for a guy thats 91 I was excited just to have him in the woods with me. My Dad and I finally got a bird to come in around 11 am. Dad capitalized on the opportunity. Here is a pic of three generations in the woods together, a true memory.

I have some guiding to do in Georgia this weekend, until the next report. Good hunting and keep safety first.


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