Anna Marie island

Hello all. I made the run to the skyway last weekend for bait and we got them but I'm taking my father out this weekend and he can't make that run.

Can anyone help me find bait around Anna marie island?

Thanks everyone.



  • BucYouUp68BucYouUp68 Posts: 1,184 Officer
    Rod and Reel pier
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  • 77 mako 2377 mako 23 Posts: 187 Deckhand
    Does the pier have bait yet?
  • JEIBEJEIBE Posts: 274 Deckhand
    caroline c in the river....key royal, bulk heald
  • 77 mako 2377 mako 23 Posts: 187 Deckhand
    I'm sorry I'm not familiar with Caroline c in the river, key royal and bulk heald.

    I do kow where key royal is on land.....
  • flatsrunnaflatsrunna Posts: 524 Officer
    caroline c is a trauler anchored in the river. the bulk head its right outside of the manatee river mouth and stretches west toward the gulf. baits on the bulk head id carry chum if u dnt wana spend time sight casting on them. Ive been getting them there
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  • Spinfisher1Spinfisher1 Posts: 26 Greenhorn
    If you go to Key Royale in the morning you will see 5 or 6 boats catching bait there in 2 - 4 feet of water. X2 on using some type of chum. I have been getting my bait there as well.
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  • hkyflierhkyflier Posts: 7 Greenhorn
    City pier has had good bait for the past week. Grass flat just south of the pier
  • fishingkid315fishingkid315 Posts: 1,951 Captain
    If you a little past ana maria go out towards the gulf inbetween the two sandbars/rocks that go out there is miles of bait and it may be a little rough
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  • grouperrunnergrouperrunner Posts: 22 Greenhorn
    Yes gilligan's island that were there at
  • flatsrunnaflatsrunna Posts: 524 Officer
    got em in tera ceia today
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  • 77 mako 2377 mako 23 Posts: 187 Deckhand
    How shallow is it in tera ceia?
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