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flats1flats1 Posts: 114 Officer
Does anybody know of a good hunting club in Florida for a reasonable price? I'm looking for something with a good amount of deer turkey and hogs. But i want to be able to run hog dogs during the off season. All the clubs that I find that you can run hog dogs seem to not have many deer or its a full on deer dog club and they run deer 7 days a week and only allow the use of hog dogs during general gun season. If anybody knows of anything let me know. Thanks


  • binellishtrbinellishtr Posts: 8,797 Admiral
    hate to ruin your post,but what your looking for does not exist in Florida.
  • Skunk ApeSkunk Ape Posts: 3,855 Captain
    hate to ruin your post,but what your looking for does not exist in Florida.
    Not true,I hunt and have hunted clubs on Foley timber and they all went to yr round hog hunting. Only problem is everyone is a hog hunter now and the hogs are getting scarce as hell. I wish they'd go back to just one weekend a month hog hunting or shut it down during the summer.
  • flats1flats1 Posts: 114 Officer
    hate to ruin your post,but what your looking for does not exist in Florida.

    Why do you say that? Where does what i'm talking about exist? Georgia?
  • binellishtrbinellishtr Posts: 8,797 Admiral
    Most good leases don't allow dogs to be run on them..if they are QDM leases.

    Nobody who hunts deer unless its on a dog running deer lease,want to see dogs run on a lease.

    Me, I love to hear,see and chase around dogs in the woods...nothing like a pack of beagles cuttin loose on a hot trail crack of dawn.

    If you find a lease that produces good deer and allows for dog running for hogs,let me know i'm in.Might be a high fence lease,but if the price is right who cares.
  • Skunk ApeSkunk Ape Posts: 3,855 Captain
    You'd think with the number of still hunt clubs over run with hogs they'
    d let a hog dogger in just to help keep them in check.Or at least invite them to rum a weekend or two during after Thanksgiving.
  • AllenRAllenR Posts: 2,702 Captain
    My current lease allows year round hog doggin. Last summer you couldn't find a hog track to save your soul. I only had a straggler here and there on camera. Now that hunting season is over and turkey season is going on, there are hogs everywhere. I am finding hog sign all over. Give it a month and it will be back like it was last summer

    I would love to see it banned in the off season, or only one weekend a month. Unfortunately, these leases can't get enough members w/o allowing it
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