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Haint Gobbler call

ComancheroComanchero Posts: 3 Greenhorn
I've had the call for about two weeks now. Getting the flutter down has been a challenge. It's coming around, but slowly. Anyone else using it? Any hints or tips on techniques would be appreciated.


  • flydownflydown Posts: 6,464 Admiral
    I got one a few weeks ago. Took awhile to perfect the sound, but am rocking with it now. Can't wait to put it to use on Saturday!

    One tip: Don't fry bacon naked. Just kidding!

    Honestly, I was blowing too hard at first. It takes less air pressure than you think. Another thing, is the air chamber created by your hands. Play around with different hand configurations until you get a realistic gobble sound. Not all Haint calls sound the same, so work with it.

    Good luck!
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  • ComancheroComanchero Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    I've got a couple of weeks until my next hunt, so I'll be working at it. Thanks for the tips.
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