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I got invited to hunt a plantation in South Carolina and jumped at the offer. While in camp, I was asked you mean you drive 8 1/2 hours to come kill a Turkey , my reply was "that's what we Crazy Florida boys do" and "I love to hunt Deer and Turkey." First Morning we went to a Cemetery to hunt a Legendary Bird called the Undertaker...I guess he did not like my calling Skills because he Gobbled twice for me and see you Bye. I Played around with some younger birds till 8:00 am, then the two other guys said let's go check out a nearby field. While there a bird crossed in front of us Heading for the adjacent mature pines. We crossed the field and set up in a draw next to the Field using old Rusty Harrows and the brush to hide us. The Draw had a Opening which was picture perfect for a Strutt area so I set up my Jake and hen there and a mature Gobbler and hen on the edge of the Field. I worked my Slate and from what sounded like 500 yards I heard a Gobble. The Older of us could not hear it (Airboat Hunting in the 70's now taking it's Toll) ...Clucks ,Purrs and light yelps kept responding after his Barrage of gobbles which, got louder and louder then at around 80 yds silence...a few more Clucks and it was put the Slate Down Mouth calls from here on. The older of us was the designated shooter and he had nodded off in this Mayhem. We softly woke him and told him to get ready. Shotgun up and mine came up too. Then one of us was Filming and he pointed to me here he comes we heard him Drumming before we saw him thanks to thick brush. Finally, he Cleared the brush what a sight in Full Strutt walking towards the Decoys. His feathers lit up Copper in the sun light. We let him dance for the Camera and the Decoys. I sounded off a KEE KEE RUN in an attempt for him to Gobble then a CUTTING session but no gobble that's when tghe Shooter could not take it and Fired but missed. this Gobbler ducked though a Bolt of lightning had just hit next to him. He now began a fast walk for cover and he hesitated enough for my 1187 to give him a DIRT NAP. He wore a 10" Beard and 1 1/8" spurs...gentlemen I have been blessed with two good birds. I chased birds all day long after that with many opportunities , one time the Bird at 21 yards, my partner moved sending a gobbler running. After an entire morning of cat and mouse.


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