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whit037whit037 Posts: 35 Deckhand
Just one reason why Frank & EGRET boats are the best in the biz...

It didn't take Frank long at all to sell my black and Grey 189 after I upgraded to the 2011. The buyer was from Fla and I had the boat registered and titled in Louisiana so obviously there would be some registration transferring from one state to another. The buyer soon ran into problems and Frank/Nancy asked me for a little help. He was having a hard time getting it registered from Louisiana to Florida & they were wanting him to have a Bill of Sale signed by the seller. So Frank sent another bill of sale for me to sign and I sent it back the next day. Well a couple days go by and another issue came up. The bill of sale they sent me a couple days before was not the correct copy. It needed to be printed directly off the Wildlife & Fisheries website for it to be official in there eyes. So a day or 2 later Frank sent a new copy for me to sign and I mailed it back the next day. A couple more days go by and the buyer was still having trouble getting the title transferred, even after following all the W & F rules. So the next step Frank took was to send me an application for a duplicate boat title w/ a $25 dollar check attached for me to give to the LA W & F. This process took about a week to finish but all in all from the 1st email concerning these matters to the last step applying for a duplicate title took roughly 2 1/2 - 3 weeks. One would think I had to go through a lot of trouble going back and forth with this but it was no trouble at all! Each time, Frank mailed everything straight to my office and everything was sent back the following day but in Franks eyes this was a hassle for me. So for my "troubles", Frank sent me a brand new Mercury Bravo 1XS prop for my 2011!! Over the last 3 or 4 months , I had been asking Frank about that prop and told him eventually I was going to purchase one to try out but he beat me to it! I was amazed to say the least. I know that thing wasn't cheap!!! This just goes to show was kind of person and businessman Frank is. I want to thank him for everything hes done! You gotta be the best to make the best! Thanks Frank!!


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