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My first report on this forum. LW inlet 3/25/12

We headed out a little late on Saturday. We had to finish installing the tackle station in the boat. I am glad we did it before this trip. I knew it would clean up the tackle bags on the deck but never thought it would be that good. So we stopped off and got some live bait and broke the inlet about 10am. Beautiful day!!! We took off south. Ran to about 185ft and set out a spread of goggs and pilchards. We didn't bring the helium, so no kite. The bite was slow so we both strapped on some lead and dropped to the bottom during our drift. Right away we got a nice mutton. Just a few minutes after we landed the mutton our port flat got slammed. Then the port down... The port down must have had the biggest gogg I have ever seen. The flat was on a spinner with no wire and snapped after a few minutes. The down had wire and a stinger but we didn't get a solid hook up. We reset the drift got another small mutton and a few macks. On our next few drifts more macks. We decided to head south some more. We set at about 150ft and started our drift. When we got to about 85ft the flat spinner got slammed by a keeper dolphin. We did not see any of his buddies. We got a few more macks and reset to drift the same spot again. This time across I dropped a big pilchard to the bottom after we got everything set. Again around 85ft it happened... This was a big fish. After a great battle on 20lb tackle we had color "BROWN" This was the biggest cobia I had ever hooked let alone caught. So we wanted to end the day on a high note. This was only the second fishing trip out on the new boat and it was fantastic.


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