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I hopped a boat ride :driver:this morning with my friend from Michigan who is down here for a few weeks. He belongs to one of the boat clubs out of Jupiter. We loaded the boat and started towards the Jupiter Inlet just before legal dawn. The inlet was calm. The seas were a bit sporty but very fish-able. With the wind blowing from the S/W and we were headed S/E, rain gear was a must for the trip out. We have all seen the "Washing Machine" syndrome in action.

We headed S/E past the Jupiter Pier and stopped in about 90 feet. Four ounces of lead on the line was barely holding bottom with a full sardine on a circle hook which was on a 15 foot leader. The wind was blowing from the S/W which just made our drift that much faster...someone forget to bring the drift sock! OK, we will go with what we have and try to make it work. :shrug

I get tight with the first Brown Bomber of the day. After it walked me around the boat a few times, Dennis gaffs it and in the box it goes. Without a scale, we estimate it to be in the low to mid 40's. High fives all around and then we get the lines wet again. :fishing

As the day goes on, we are plagued :willynilly with File Fish by the dozens. My friend, Dennis, comes up with a very nice Mutton Snapper followed by good sized Margate. I retaliate with a good sized keeper "Yellow-tail Snapper". He comes back with a large Rainbow Runner. The cooler is getting full fast.

A half hour later, Dennis gets tight on the second Cobe of the day only to lose it at the side of the boat...after checking the gear in question, it looked like a failed knot on the hook ???? :huh

We throttle up and head back to our start point. I drop down and on the first lift of the rod, I "Hook The Bottom" but this bottom starts tugging back...after a short fight, Brown Bomber #2 is in the box and we limit out! Again, with out a scale, we estimate it to be in the low 30's...still not shabby. Plenty of good eats for both of us.


The wind is still blowing hard from the S/W and rain clouds are headed our way out of the West but never make it to the coast. We continue to fish hoping to get some more YT or Muttons. The wind starts to shift to the N/W and things really begin to get dicey.

At 2, we decide to call it a day and head back to the dock.

One last thought, for a Sunday, it was extremely quiet on the water. We counted just about a dozen boats out there with us. Some came and some went but we never saw the "normal weekend floatilla" of boats for that area.


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