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3.25.12 Jupiter- Andy's 1st Sail- video

Saturday: Managed to snag a nice Mutton and 2 flag tails with just my wife and I. Went out to test my Furuno which SUCKS and is cutting out on me. Can't figure it out. Don't even get me started on that... Notice how the wife olds the fish farther away from her unlike so many others! :nono Warning: Object is actually larger than appears!

Sunday: Got Andy his first Sail. I suck at using the GoPro. My wife usually handles that but she wasnt on the boat Sunday. I'll stick to fishing. I was pretty stoked that we put 2 kites up for the 1st time as well. We havent tried this before put after a few adjustments we had them flying perfect to the left and right. 5 (3/2) kite baits out one side. 1 flat and two bottom rods out the other side. Pretty sick spread. We just needed more fish to show up!

2007 31' Competition
Yamaha 300HP 4-Stroke 4.2 liters
Garmin and Furuno Electroincs


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