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Jupiter Porgie Parade 3/24/12

Finally the winds stopped blowing for a day, so decided to head out and see what was biting in the Jupiter area. Since it was so calm in the early morning (7:15 AM) we decided to try the bottom first. Went out to 96 feet and dropped sardines and squid on the bottom. Was easy fishing, little or no current and a slight west wind. The bite on the bottom was awesome, we hooked up to a fish every 15-30 seconds! What a wide assortment of fish: lots of triggers, nice size porgies, grunts, margates, wrasps, and other reef dwelling swimmers. Here's a couple of big fat porgies we hauled in. It was drop and catch for most of the morning.
Did not find any snapper (our target fish) out there, no mutton, yellowtail (which we have been catching the past 3 months) or mangroves.

There was ONE big problem though...every 15 -20 minutes we had to power up and move because there were SO MANY Moonfish around the boat they would eat our baits on the drop. We did catch 3 or 4 big ones, but did not keep them. I hear they are good, but we have plenty of fish in the cooler and in the freezer at home. Did not keep the dozen or so Triggers we caught either. I know...you love them, but I don't.
Also tried the 70ft reef off of Juno...caught a couple of nice porgies there, but the yellowtail were too small to keep.
After bottom fishing for 3 hours, the south wind picked up so we headed out to troll for an hour or so. Went all the way out to 600 and back, beautiful warm water, but not a knockdown to show for it.
Here's a pic of our "parade of porgies" at the filet table.


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