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Fat Mahi..late post from 3/22/12 out of Jupiter

3/22/2012. Seas were sporty and the weekend forecast was looking flat, but we only had a little window to get out so decided to take it Thursday afternoon. Glad we did. Wife didn't like the looks of Jupiter Inlet, but once we pushed through the churn it was fishable. Lines in from 3pm-5pm. Gulf stream was close and there was a decent color change, we trolled 200'-400'. All artificial lures. 3/4 on mahi, probably could have been more if we had more time and ice. Got a big cow, medium cow, smaller bull. Lost another decent fish. I know my gaf shots were bad, but both the cows were uncooperative and I had to hit them when I could. The biggest fish was probably the thickest mahi I've ever caught, she was definitely eating right. My wife could barely hold it up for a pic. Any guess on weights? :beer


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