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Sunnies for my grand kid

I have a 3 yr old grand son and all he talks about is fishing, when ever he's around me ( pop pop ) he has to wear his fishing shirts, every time he sees a boat he says pop pops boat. well I gotta get him fish'n. can someone tell me where I can bring him for some land based sunfish fish'n. I sure love to pick up a can of worms and have him catch a bunch of sunnies. I live in cape coral and fish off shore and have no clue of where to take him. thanks
Here's ta swimn' with bowllegged women!


  • BASSHOLEBASSHOLE Posts: 53 Deckhand
    anywhere theres water really. personally, i dont know the Cape Coral area at all.
    but i would just check for legal parking near and around small bodies of freshwater and hop to it.
    set him up with a zebco push button combo with a bobber and some long shank panfish hooks with worms as bait and itll be hard to NOT catch any.

    check out www.google.maps.com to find yourself a freshwater spot close to home and remember to PARK LEGALLY and ASK NEIGHBORS if it is ok to fish there.
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