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More Bass from Pond Spawn Searching - 33lb Stringer

Bass from the past week and a half or so, all from 2 different ponds. Most have been locked on, got a few I believe that were not spawning on live bluegill. Most of these caught on live bluegill or dying bluegill with good sized split shot so it doesn't move easily when working it in the bed. Others on a small white zoom fluke or white senko imitation. I have been having most luck at one pond in particular even though there were a lot of nice ones on the beds a few days at another pond. Have done a few quick checks of ponds that have produced in the past but haven't seen very much at them lately. Other than that was at a new pond a couple weeks ago, got 9-10 2-3.5s on the ultralight and small white fluke, many not on the beds, but didn't see any large beds and biggest bass I saw was around 4. Haven't checked it lately but I'm sure theres big ones in there, finding them on the bed may be a different story. Biggest stringer was a week ago around full moon, 33lb 5 fish limit. Miiiiiight have been able to improve that one day but wasn't thinking about a stringer.

Guided my friend on some fish but told him if he told anyone where we were i'd kill him hahahhaha. Told him my guide fee would be if we saw a 7+ i'd get the first shot at it. Put him on a 5.75 then found a 4 on a bed. We were trying to get it to commit when he casted a little outside the bed out of sight. His line starts going out and sets the hook with his "ultralight" setup - Shimano Ugly Stick Light and a old Shimano 2500 Sedona with blown out drag or something, maximum drag is very low on it. He pulled a TON of drag setting the hook, we see the bass jump and I let out an "oh my god" as we see a giant bucket mouth emerge. Did some very impressive drag runs and got it in a bit later. Pulled it out of the water and barely had to touch the hook to get it to fall out, he was really worried about the low drag on that reel and got real lucky after pulling all that drag on the hookset.

8lb 2oz



My friend with another 8lb 2oz, different day but within 100 feet of the other one. Has bulging eyes like the 8lb 2oz from a previous post could be the same one

7lb 10oz






My friend with a 5.75


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