Homosassa 2/29 leapin leap year trout

There is an extra day in February this year so I decided to sdpend it fishing. The plan was to take a relaxing day and do some drifting over the skinny flats looking for trout with Don. On the way out we passed a new forum member (Salty Dawg44) and a friend of mime in his project boat's maiden voyage. I snapped a photo for Pete figuring he would like to see his new toy in action. We proceeded to hit the flats at around 10:30 and started to drift. We hit a ton of shorts in the 69 degree clear water on Mirrodines. We moved into some cuts and killed time waiting for the lack luster tide to change to incomming and found a school of decent sized trout. Then when the tide shifted we started our drift over the flats and picked away at a bunch of upper slot trout. We called it a short day at 2 and left them biting. All trout were released unharmed today.

Salty Dawg44 in his new / old project boat
This place Rocks if yer a crabber


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