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Can I mount my bow lights on the center console? reason being I have no good place on the front of the boat due to the trolling motor. I wanted to mount the light on the center of the console. I have a 18 foot flats boat if that matters. Thanks, Brian


  • Roc N RolRoc N Rol Posts: 1,349 Officer
    The front of console may not work because it is to far back and the lights won't be seen from behind the 90 degree point of the front wall of the console, the lights are supposed to be on the bow. They make lights that are for side mount applications that are viewed from the front and side that can be mounted on the side of the hule at the bow below the deck.
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    I'll let a LEO get more specific (and I am NOT providing you legal advice) but from what I understand (from a quicky google search), you should mount the navigation light(s) as close to the center line of the vessel as possible, and becuase of the size of your vessel you can mount 2 seperate navigation lights (port and starboard). As for the actual location of the lights on the vessel it will come down to the "arc of visability" that you get from that location. I believe the specifics on the "arc of visability" is set forth in the Coast Guard Navigation Rules.

    Who manufactured the boat? If you have not already done so you might be a good idea to call them as they probably addressed this issue with other hulls where the buyer chose a nav light option? Just a thought.

    Good luck.
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