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Homosassa 2/28 Big Trout and reds with forum brother Zack

Zack (zack&drake) contacted me yesterday to see if I had an open seat for today. I offered to have him join me for a late morning departure (11)and we would fish the later tide till around 5. We hit the water and worked the barrier islands along the deeper cuts while waiting for the tide. Today was a bit diffrent. Where we normallt get on schools of underslot and lower slot fish we found a school of mid slot trout that were hitting on every cast. Every other trout was a solid 17" keeper. They hit mirrodines that I colored myself. As we were on that school we saw Hawk232 heading our way so I waved him over to join us on that school of fish. He was ready to call it a day so we visited for a few minutes before he headed home. After he left we started working thwe shallow stuff with our mirrolures and we hit some real slobs both trout and redfish (I'll let the pictures tell that story). The water was slightly stained and toped out at 74 degrees. We headed back at around 5 and called another great day on the bay here in the Big Bend!

a tanker red
a true gator
A gator and a half
This place Rocks if yer a crabber


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