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homosassa 2/28 making up for past month of so...

decided to head out and give it a shot today, good thing i did!! got into an area i had moderate luck at last time out and drifted a bit. ended up with the power pole down on a school for the rest of the day. water was a little stained in that area, 3-4ft deep, and 69degrees. i caught till i was tired of catching!! keeping count by yourself is always fun, so if i was in doubt i would always choose the lower number and keep going. ended up with 40+. was a mixed bag of slot and undersize with most being about 14" or so. they were TEARING UP the black back orange bottom mirrodine! i only took a picture of the first fish (~13" if i remember) and the 4 lucky dinner guests though. oh, and saw kyle on my way out and while trying to troll over to him busted the "shear pin" on the trolling motor prop on some rocks in about 8" of water. good thing i had my pole to push off with, would have been interesting if i hadnt!



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