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Finally - Picking up a new yak

Well I've got the cash, now I'm just looking for the deal. In the market for a OK trident 13 with rudder. To make things better my neighbor wants the same exact one so finding a deal should be easier. If anyone else in the broward area is looking to buy a kayak soon, let me know and maybe we can get an even better deal. I contacted ACK and sadly they don't offer any discounts for group buys but to get the trident 13 shipped to my door with rudder it would be $1200. I stopped by and talked to Hank at Nautical Ventures and Matt at Liquid Surf & Sail to which both of them will be sending me an email with a quote. If anyone has any other kayak shops in mind in the broward area, especially those looking to discount someone looking for two trident 13's, I'd be greatful.


  • levosgienlevosgien Posts: 164 Officer
    Looking to get a Hobie Outback or Revo, probably at Nautical Adventures since they'll let me demo is for a small fee. If you want to bundle and see if we can get a deal let me know.

  • Like I said my neighbor and I are aiming for two trident 13's and they have them in stock. Sadly they're only willing to part with them for $1150 each, so a whopping savings of $60 vs ACK. If we could get it lower I'd be down. I thought in this economy people would be willing to lower prices a bit more to make a sale but I guess I was wrong. Called around a few other places and no one down here stocks ocean kayak and the ones who can order them all say they'll sell them for $1200-1250.

    Was actually thinking of picking up a flats boat instead, splitting it 50/50 with my dad. Yea, it's more expensive on gas and all that crap but I could take friends out with me, cover a lot more ground and do some nice sight fishing.
  • thefuzz253thefuzz253 Posts: 57 Deckhand
    Try Action Water Sports out of Auburndale. Dave is a great guy and will usually make you a great deal. I just picked up my Hobie from him.
  • Tried nautical ventures again to get a price tag of $1120 after tax and with the stipulation that I'd have to install the rudder myself on the yak(still buying two tridents too). Came home, checked out ACK to see if tax was already included, which it was, and ordered myself a trident 13 with rudder, new paddle, stake out pole, paddle leash, and fish bag for $1420 or so.

    Now I'm down to picking up a fish finder. I'm getting a humminbird for sure since the OK's are scupper transducer friendly but curious of which model to get. Looking at the 385ci right now for $400... The navionics card isn't required right? My thinking is I already have a gps with wrecks saved on it so I could just bring it out with me and saved the points on the humminbird, assuming that's possible with the stock chip.
  • FLATS BROKEFLATS BROKE Posts: 2,060 Captain
    385ci does not require the chip. If you have the numbers to the wrecks just program them in to your way points and it will take you right to them, no need to bring a GPS as the 385ci is also a gps.
  • Good to know. currently torn between the 385ci or the 587ci for the 1" bigger screen since this guy will be going in the sonar shield area.
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