Looking for an Artist!

BAMFBAMF Posts: 118 Officer
I'm helping organize the 2012 North Bay Inshore fishing tournament (South Region) on 3/3/12 and we would like to get some shirts printed up.

We don't have an artist, and would like to open this up to anyone with an artistic side. Whether it be a sketch with wording, or just text, I am open because I can't draw to save my life! Please reply, or PM if you are interested! We would be happy to include your signature on the printed artwork. Thank you!


  • ShallowatrShallowatr Posts: 60 Deckhand
    Are you looking for Fish artwork? If so, I am a gyotaku artist and have a few really nice prints. What kind of fish were you looking for if you were going to use a fish? Redfish
    I am in Tampa and my # is 813-390-7590
    Tyler Vannetta
  • BAMFBAMF Posts: 118 Officer
    Thanks Tyler. It was a pleasure speaking with you and thank you for the generous offer!

    To future readers, should have just linked to the thread in the South Section rather than trying to monitor 4 different threads lol. For future responses could you please post on the following thread:

    Thank you,
  • IRL(Trouter)IRL(Trouter) Posts: 135 Officer
    My sister is an AMAZING artist. Are you paying, and if so what would you pay her, or is this strictly volunteering?
  • BAMFBAMF Posts: 118 Officer
    Thx for the reply IRL, but Shallowatr (Tyler Vannetta) already knocked this one outa the park!
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