Thru hull fitting to access

bebrownbebrown DeckhandPosts: 339 Deckhand
I noticed after my last outing that the thru hull fitting for my cabin sink drain had broke. I can't see how I can access the back side of it to repair it or even get the hose up to it. Any ideas?? It looks like the fitting below it is brittle too. It is a 1996 Grady White hull.



  • beyondhelpbeyondhelp Deckhand Posts: 392 Deckhand
    Do you have any pics from the inside? It may be difficult but I would bet it is accessible from underneath a hatch or compartment somewhere. On my SportCraft I had to do some contortionist style movements to get to the deck drains and they were under a drop in compartment insert. I'm going to replace them with something a little sturdier.
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    Holy cow they used those cheap plastic thru hull on a Grady? Wow. You should be able to access it, you may have to remove the rod holders or something. What is directly on the other side?
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    You may have to cut a round hole and put an access panel.
    Even my Regulator has those cheap plastic thru hulls disgusting.
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