Old fiberglass rod worth rebuilding?

Wanting to Know if a older 20-40lbs glass rod is worth rebuilding or junking. No brand marks on rod 20-40lbs is all that's left has fin nor rollers and one guide is missing the roller. Not wanting to do anything to fancy but thinking of putting regular guides verse the rollers. Just trying to get someones .02 on it before i strip and clean the rod


  • Capt. Kevin BrotzCapt. Kevin Brotz Posts: 727 Officer
    Chances are high that the blank is just as good as the day is was born. Fiberglass lasts an extremely long time and can take a serious beating. I would flex it and make sure there aren't any issues before rebuilding but don't see a reason not to. Rebuild and bring that puppy back to life! or...just build a new one all together.
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  • REELEMINREELEMIN Posts: 174 Officer
    kevins right!! them old glass blanks last forever!! strip it down and giver a rebuild!!
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