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Backyard fire pit/grill....

This is a back yard fire pit/ grill with an adjustable height. Made from 1/4" steel this will last a lifetime. We will also add your logo on this grill and any other graphics you might want. This pit is 30" in diameter, the inside fire grate has a two position setting so it can be set deep for a fire pit or shallow for charcoal grilling. The grill grate also swings to either side so you can take your cooking off the heat at any time. This also makes it an excellent oyster roasting grill. The price is $350.00. Contact us by IM or E-mail at [email protected]

This pic shows the adjustable grill grate at the lowest position:

This pic shows the adjustable grill grate at the highest position: (notice the inside fire grate is set in the high or charcoal grilling position in this pic also.)

Another view:

This is a view with the grill grate swung to the side:

This shows the inside fire grate in the lower position for a fire pit:

This is an example of the graphics you might want on your pit, this is a two grate model that we custom build and sell for $450.00:
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