Check this out, I am an idiot..... lol

So I was at one of my crew's wetland mitigations sites in Brandon today spraying Brazilian Peppers. While I was taking a break I started walking around the almost TOTAlly dry wetland and noticed all these laying everywhere around the whole perimeter of the wetland. They were all over the **** place.


For some reason I didn't even realize there were crayfish in this part of FL. I had caught them at the creek by my Grandmas house in GA, but never ever recall seeing one or evidence of here. So I start looking on my phone and apparently there are like dozens of species in FL. I am like, dang, how did I not know this. I always used to think it was funny when I would watch these bass fisherman fishing in FL and they are throwing crawdad imitations. I would be like "pshhhhh, there is no crayfish here". Man, was I wrong. Then I find out they burrow and get in the groundwater to survive the dry spells. I see the pics of the holes with mounds and I realize I am looking at THOUSANDS of these little holes all over this dried up area. Here is the site. There are only two small puddles like this one now.


Just goes to show, know matter how much you think you know about fishing, you never know it all. HAHAHA
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  • mikevmikev Posts: 10,822 AG
    Biggest bass my friend ever caught was on a live crawdad. 9 lbs.

    BTW, what are you spaying the BP with? I've been drilling holes in them and filling it with concentrated Round Up. Does the trick.
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  • SnookmeisterSnookmeister Posts: 1,035 Officer
    Yea I have heard of people killin BP like that with glyphosate (round up). You can do the same thing with diesel fuel. We basal spray (ring around the bark at the bottom) a 15% concentration of Garlon 4 with mixed with Impel, unfortunately you need a spray license to buy it. How long is it taking your peppers to die?
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  • johnDjohnD WC FLPosts: 6,400 Admiral
    I use to catch them when I was a kid.We had a house on a lake in polk city, I would lay a piece of plywood down in the sand on the edge of the lake (couple inches under the water) a couple days later lift it up and they would be hiding under the board.
  • RollinRollin Posts: 1,543 Captain
    I grew up in Miami and cleaned truckloads of bass and I never found anything in there bellies but Bream. No Shinners or crawdads. Maybe a different food source back then. In Kansas it's a different story, lot's of Crwadads in the their bellies.
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