Any interest?

polepositionpoleposition Posts: 1,052 Officer
I am contemplating a Tervis Tumbler order with the Egret logo inside; I would, of course, clear this with Frank before going any further. Tervis will run orders of 25 or more tumblers with custom logo patches sandwiched inside at a discount. For those that don't know Tervis Tumblers, their cups are fantastic at keeping drinks hot or cold and don't sweat in the summer. They are dishwasher safe, come with a lifetime warranty and....feature this....are made in FLORIDA, not Shanghai.

My question: If I do this, is anybody else interested and if so give me a rough number of how many you would want by way of response to this thread. If the response is strong enough, Frank just might add them to his own ships store which would be sweet.


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