Fly Boxes

HannanHannan Posts: 11 Greenhorn
Any recommendations for a new box? Travel friendly is best, and its gotta be slim cause Ill be wading with it. I need to get a new one for a trip to Andros next month

Im lookin at either the Morell or Cortland foam, or maybe a Cliff box...


  • Ol'DirtyCasterOl'DirtyCaster Posts: 2,249 Captain
    The Cliff boxes are probably the best value in fly boxes out there, the crab shack's & **** barns are outstanding for smaller patterns. If you want a sealed box, I've been using both the C&F grand slams and the Umpqua double wides and they're great too. I don't really understand the point of making something waterproof when you're going to be throwing wet stuff in it from time to time, but they're still nice boxes.
  • DPrestonDPreston Posts: 153 Officer
    CF are great and bulletproof. As ODC says make sure you air dry anything used before putting em back in. I think the ones I have are Grand Slam and Permit. A little big for wading - I would also get something tiny for your pocket that holds a half dozen flies and leave your bigger boxes in the boat.
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