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Tilapia / Grass Carp flies?

Luftwaffe1989Luftwaffe1989 Posts: 170 Officer
Has anyone ever caught these two species on flies? A few blocks away from my house there's a canal full of these two species, but I have no clue what to throw at them... Can anybody please share their experiences or tips on how to catch these spooky fish.
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  • Pea_HunterPea_Hunter Posts: 21 Greenhorn
    If they are gathering under a ficus or banyan tree they could be eating berries. Find out what the berries look like and match the hatch so-to-speak. It works well down south here for the carp and pacu also. They will also rise after they mow the grass and blow it in the canals here.
  • FreeFlyFreeFreeFlyFree Posts: 121 Deckhand
    i've caught the blue tilapia when they're bedding, throw a clouser in their beds, and wait for the fish to go down to inspect, then yank on the line and try to foul hook them. for carp, besides the berry fly, people talk of tying a small marabou fly under a strike indicator and throw it to where they're feeding, never tried it though.

  • Luftwaffe1989Luftwaffe1989 Posts: 170 Officer
    Thank you Pea Hunter & FreeFlyFree for the info and tips.
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