WTB: 14'+ Aluminum Boat

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Looking to buy a 14' or 16' aluminum boat with motor and trailer. Doesn't have to be a beauty queen. As long as the motor runs and the hull has no leaks I am happy. Cheaper the better. Please message me with pics or email: maxgraphics at bellsouth.net Thanks! :R


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    I've got my 14-15' semi-v skiff, 30hp Rude, and trailer that I've had sitting in my front yard for almost 4 years now. I keep saying that I'm going to clean her up and sell it, but I just never get around to it. If you might be interested, I might be willing to let her go to someone I know for fairly cheap.

    The motor did need to have the carbs cleaned, but ran great (I bought it from InshoreNut). Trailer is in good shape (one fender has one end rusted through on the mounting portion), but the tire rims have some rust from just sitting. they might still be useable, but personally I'd replace them. Trailer wiring was brand new (used only one time after being installed), so all trailer lights should still be good to go (wire ties do need to be replaced as they've dry rotted and broke since the boat's been sitting, so the wires are drooping down).

    The boat is older (I'd have to dig out the title, but I think it's a '67 or so), paint is worn, and the wood on the seats needs to be replaced, but it doesn't have any leaks and is a tough little boat. I don't know if you remember some of the old fishing reports, but guests onboard referred to the boat as the SS Doom, as I've taken it out in some rough stuff back in the day...easy 5-6 chop, and quite a few inlet runs. Not saying it can run in 6ft slop without a pounding, but I always felt safe and made it home. Lol.

    I did have the boat all wired up with an electrical panel, running lights, cigarette lighter outlet, aux hookup studs (for running an inverter for 120v night lights), trolling motor, and baitwell pump with removable livewell (converted cooler), but after sitting in the sun for over 3 years, the wood box that housed the electric has dry rotted and broke open, so I'm not sure how good the wiring is now. It might still be ok if you replace the box, but no guarantees. But since you're looking for an aluminum skiff anyway, most don't have any wiring to begin with. I also have a MinnKota freshwater trolling motor that I used on the boat that I'll throw in with the boat. Last time I used it, it ran great, but the threads on the mounting handles are pretty rusted...should be able to be cleaned up though. I built an under seat wood box for 2 batteries (there's 2 group 31 batteries still in there, but I doubt if they'd still be good), but don't know if it's still in good shape or not.

    As with the wood on the electrical box dry rotting, the wood on the bench seats is rotted too, and most of the wood is gone. I replaced it years ago, but used pine 1X12's which didn't hold up. It should be replaced, but I do have 2 plastic folding seats with mounts on them, so if you really didn't want to replace the wood, you will have the plastic seats to sit on.

    I've got some other stuff I'd throw in too....oars, life vests, and whatever else I can find. There is a transducer for a Lowrance fishfinder on the boat, but no head unit.

    I'm just being honest...the boat needs a good cleaning out, the motor needs to have the carbs cleaned, maybe replace the trailer rims/tires, replace the wood on the bench seats, and either replace or rip out the wiring, but other than that, it's a boat that'll get the job done safely. I wanted to get around to selling it one day, but ain't in a rush...but if you're interested, maybe we an work out a price that'll be good for both of us.
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    The boat is a 1982 Durcraft, 14'8 inches. She is nice and wide, has a front deck and side storage box (all aluminum, so never have to worry about rotting) It is covered with carpet to keep you from burning in the heat. She floats in next to nothing, is flat bottom with a semi v up front. I also have the front and rear running lights, bilge pump, all hooked up to a switch panel. Beneath the deck, she has a cooler made into a livewell that needs the plumbing to be completed... I used it solely as storage. Some of the hatches could use re-riveting or through bolted, but doesnt affect the functionality of the boat. I have a Bobs Machine manual jackplate that can come with the boat or not. Same goes for the trolling motor. She is not the prettiest boat by any means, but she gets you on and off the water. She does have a small leak in one of the rivets.

    Motor is a 2001 Merc 2 stroke 25 hp, first or second pull start. Short shaft with a 4 blade, cupped power tech stainless steel prop. Dry Compression test shows 118 on both cylinders. Recent lower unit oil change as well as impeller.

    She is sitting on a galvanized trailer that is road worthy and has lots of tread left on them. Bearing were recently re-greased.

    I will be in miami from july 11th through the 15th with the boat, fishing...
    asking 2500 obo.

    more pics here: http://s58.photobucket.com/albums/g270/sosstangs/fishing/16%20ft%20Duracraft%20with%2025%20merc/
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