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SEC in the bowls....



  • RedBaronRedBaron Posts: 6,781 Officer
    Not only did the SEC dominate the Bowls....they dominate the polls.

    The top 2 teams are from the SEC!
    3 of top 5 are from the SEC!
    4 of the top 8 are from the SEC!

    SEC! SEC! SEC!
    Come to Forced Sex University where you can **** women for free!!!
  • GatorPaulGatorPaul Posts: 391 Officer
    Real Gator fans need to realize that we are not the SEC. We are the Gators. We are much greater than the SEC. Rooting for another SEC team is like Yankee fans rooting for the Red Sox. Like Dolphin fans rooting for the Jets. And on and on. This is bush league. You don't hear Patriot fans chanting AFC East! AFC East! after the Patriots lose. Bush league.
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