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Fishing off Cocoa Beach Pier and Jetty Park any good?

I will be in Cape Canaveral for work thru August 3rd.

Looking at doing some fishing and local marinas said that both the Cocoa Beach Pier and Jetty Park are ok to fish off of?

Anyone had any luck there? What have people been catching and what have they been catching them on?

Any other areas close to Cocoa Beach / Cape Canaveral that have good fishing from shore / bridge / pier??


  • YaksquatchYaksquatch Posts: 499 Officer
    Should be bluefish and spanish mackerel in the surf. Maybe reds and snook too. 1/4-1/2oz bucktails in white, yellow, and/or pink should cover a lot of your bases.

    Good luck,
  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 20,730 AG
    If I were you....I'd fish the swash channel. Walk the beach from the first wisp of grey light for an hour or two...and fish the last hour or two at dusk.
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  • Captain HookCaptain Hook Posts: 107 Officer
    Drive down to patrick and work your way south. Lots of rocks off the beach to work.
    We caught a 100 lb tarpon and a 6ft shark in the yaks off the beach this past weekend drifting live bait outside the surf zone.
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