Furious Flats Feeding Frenzy - Reds, Reds, and more Reds

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Capt Chris Hanna called me and told me he, Randy and Tyler was on some really hot redfish action at a new area he had tried out. Stories of double and triple hook ups, high 20's fish, non stop action....all the typical fish stories.
Hmmm, a new red hot red spot? Could it be true? Chris can fish, so I had to believe some of it...SOME......

It was ALL true!!!!

We arrived at the very unassuming flat and waded out to the area he had been getting on fish. Immediately Randy is on a red. I miss one and Chris gets a one. We are using lil johns, gulp and mirro deans. Randy gets hot and has 5 before I even hook up. Him and Chris are taking sips of some mini bottle of whiskey telling me that its the key to getting bites. I don't take the bait. The area is lighting up with mullet and the tide is pouring in....This spot is looking good, but I'm not getting in on the action. What to do, what to do? Take a drink of whiskey? Nope....
Taking a page out of the "Secretspot's guide to redfishing 101" I slip off from the guys to try a fishy looking bank and tie on a gold spoon. Game changer. FISH ON!!!!
I get 8 nice reds on the spoon in about 20 min. Don't call it a comeback! The guys slide over to where I'm crushing them and cant get a hit. I give Randy a spoon and on his first cast he hooks up. Feeling bad for Chris I let him fish my rod with the spoon and he gets 3 reds really quick. The spoon was the ticket to redfish glory. But all good things come to an end and the sun dropped into the sea and the spoon was soon worthless. We all switched to gulp for the walk back in and scored 3 more reds in the dark. Total tally was 21 reds in less than 2 1/2 hrs fishing. most fish were mid to upper 20's. It was fun to crush Chris in his own spot on a lure they didn't use there at all. Randy had high hook with 9 tonight...Thanks to my gold spoon..lol
Doing it all again tomorrow after a trout trip in the am.

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