AlleyCat Wahoo Report, 1 big wahoo.

ReefRocketReefRocket Jacksonville BeachPosts: 984 Officer
Meet Vince, thanks to Mike G, and rode on Vince's new Grady White 30' with twin 350 yamaha.
What a nice ride.

Set up the high speeds and had first fish on in 10 minutes. Fished all day, swapped to using bait after lunch, never another fish in the boat.

Water out of Mayport was green, 74.5 degrees on the ledge, 72.5 in 145 ft.

Our one catch was early in the morning, around 145 ft.

am tired tonight, will fix in the morning.

tight lines.
Bobby Riggins, 904-626-8407,


  • mikeg32225mikeg32225 Posts: 556 Officer
    Hi Bobby
    Thanks for posting the pictures. As usual nice fishing with you and Frank.
    That was the first trip for the Allicat. Can't wait to do it again.
    Happy new year to all.
  • ReefRocketReefRocket Jacksonville BeachPosts: 984 Officer
    And thanks to Frank V for relieving me from being the young kid on the boat. Frank has been fishing since he was 5.

    Fish hit blue over white Mr Big. Fish Ruined the cabled double hook. Just called him Big, cause he isn't little, but didn't put my weight on him since I didn't want to light up the firecracker butt heads that love to call people out.

    See if pic will work now, for some reason, I am not able to edit last night's post.
    Bobby Riggins, 904-626-8407,
  • freshmeatfreshmeat Posts: 35 Deckhand
    thats a nice one. i must say that 306 canyon made by grady white is an awesome looking boat. you definately don't see them as much as you do some of the other popular boats but i'm willing to bet they ride just as nice.
  • DaddyMenaceDaddyMenace Posts: 144 Officer
    Big enough. Nice work. :)
  • mikeg32225mikeg32225 Posts: 556 Officer
    I wanted to thank Steve Grant of C&H lures for his help in getting the Allicat rigged properly. Steve recommended the lures to use for wahoo fishing. He rigged all of the lures for us. He also recommended the rods and reals to use. He also spooled all of the reals for the boat based on the we were going to fish. Steve then came over the house and double rigged the outriggers. He set it up exactly the way we wanted him to.
    Thanks again Steve and also Brian for their help.
    Also, thanks to Marine Max for their help in setting up the boat.
  • Devil DogDevil Dog Posts: 109 Officer
    Very nice
  • knot tightknot tight Posts: 244 Deckhand
    Nice job Bobby and Mike.
  • BoattronicsBoattronics Posts: 5,114 Admiral
    Nice fish!
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  • FullabullFullabull Posts: 18 Greenhorn
    Nice fish! That's one more than we caught all day.. Good Job.
  • ShelShel Posts: 1,050 Officer
    Nice job guys!
  • C&H LuresC&H Lures Posts: 128 Deckhand
    Great job Vince and Mike!! The boat looks wonderful! Glad you were able to get it bloody!! Congrats!
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  • CEE-STUDCEE-STUD Posts: 108 Officer
    Nice fish!
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