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what is the easiest way to find the diameter of a blank? i just wrapped a paper around one and marked it where i could see the other paper and it came up at a inch around. but for some reason that doesnt look right to me. i am looking to get some grips for this rod i want to build but dont want to order the wrong size and then have to deal with shipping grips back and getting new grips and all that. so what is the easiest way?


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    For grips (that usually come in specific interior sizes as well as outside diameter, shape and overall length)... all you need is an ordinary pair of calipers. Measure the blank where the grip material is going to be mounted then carefully remove the caliper and measure the space. Remember as well that if you're using foam or veltex grips (or whatever the current names are for hard foam grips) that they'll expand easily to the next size. If your diameter is from 3/8 up to 1/2 you're going to want grips with an interior hole of slightly less than the smallest portion of the blank that grip will used on (in other words less than the 3/8" example cited). This is another of those things I could show you far quicker than it takes to write about... For cork you definitely want the grips (or rings if you're building from scratch) slightly smaller than the smallest portion of the blank since you're going to be hand reaming each grip to get it to fit properly before glue up... Hope this helps.
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    i am just going to go with eva foam. i dont have a caliper i need to get one but just never think about it. if some one has one they can run to walmart and get me a measurement. lol im building the top section of a 8ft ugly stick into a micro rod for a avet lx to tarpon fish and take up to canada with me when i go.
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