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fins4mefins4me Posts: 14,487 AG
Seems like fireworks (legal ones) are better than they used to be. I bought a bunch today and the kids along with several of their friends have been shooting them for the last hour or so and some of them are pretty good. Brother in law has taken the supervision over,, I had to make a trip around the fields to make sure the cattle were not getting to spooked. I dont remember them having so many colors when I was a kid.
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  • hebegbhebegb Posts: 8,722 Officer
    Tennessee has some good stuff, most other states not so much
  • wizfisherwizfisher Posts: 2,387 Officer
    My Golden Retriever hates fireworks. He would make a terrible hunting dog, lol
    Sounds like there are more fireworks being lit this year than the last few. I kinda like the sounds of them.
    We picked up a couple cheap things for the kids and are about to go light them now.
  • CaptTaterCaptTater Posts: 20,096 AG
    I got 2 cases of what looked like the boring kid's stuff but only a few fountains the rest are loud and/or launching which I don't like at my own house. People a block either way have some good stuff. The horses in the neighborhood are probably freakin out. I'm glad my dogs aren't bothered by it.
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