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12/30/11 Stuart inshore

Well today started out very early to beat the crowd at Sandsprint Park Boat Ramp. First thing I started out at the flats near the Marriott and with a outgoing tide I slowly trolled the flats around the drop offs and around the 2 islands and landed some very small trout and a few medium sized jacks. Did that till the tide switched to incoming and moved south toward the first sandbar and fished that point in the channel doing a drift with the current and it produced many Pompano. I believe there is a cable that's down the on the curve so beware for snags. All the Pompano were of legal limit but my rule is I slung take any below 13-14 inches to fork. Overall I caught about a dozen and kept 3 of the biggest ones. I had to call it a day at 11:00am so I can get home and go to work. When I returned to the boat ramp it looked like a Memorial Day Sunday with trucks and trailers EVERYWHERE and parked all along St. Lucie Blvd past Finest Kind on both sides. It was a zoo so if anyone is planning on going out this weekend just get there very early. Will post pics later as I'm writing this on my smartphone. FS needs to make an app for this. Haha


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