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Dania 12/29

Decided to go fishing yesterday, after a long time of not being able to go. Got to Dania about 5:30 am and met Android77 there, he introduced himself, helped me unload my yak, and off we went. On the way out Android caught a nice size Cero mack that weighed 8 lbs. We kept going to about 340' where we started jigging but had no success there. Huge rollers out there as Cranker stated in his post; but not bad as they were spaced far apart. Went back in to about 200' where it was bonita city, every drop was a bonita. I decided to try keeping a few of the smaller ones, which I gotta say made an amazing tuna salad! On the way back in I caught a small Cero, all in all it was great to be back out there fishing again.


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