Placida 6-27

Down on Little Gasparilla Island for 2 wks! Love this area. So many different ways and species to fish for. Went to Bull Bay today early. No ther boats there when my 9 year old son and I arrrived at sunrise. Beautiful in there! Fished the mangroves with arti's and Jack caught 3 drum to dad's one. We also caught catfish and trout(all short). Haven't found the trout yet. Tons of grass everywhere made fishing a tougher. Caught whitebait south of the RR tressle on the flats. Smaller baits but tons of it. The Purina Fish Food works! Tried some of the whitebait on carolina rigs at the deeper holes around the tressle but water not moving much and no bites. Fished bait on the beach late afternoon til just after dark. Nothing but catfish. We normally do pretty good on the trout with either whitebait or shrimp slow crawled on the retrieve with lite carolina rigs late in the day. Didn't see a lot of bait on the beach today. Saw no tarpon off the beach this am or afternoon, but the wind was pumping pretty good today. Didn't catch many fish today but had fun with my son. Of course, I've got a few days left to find them. Sorry no pics. Have to post from my phone due to not being able to get internet at house.


  • In Too DeepIn Too Deep Posts: 124 Deckhand
    Freeline some of those whitebait right up against the beach into 1' or'll be surprised how far up the Snook are cruising.
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