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Ansel, his son and lessons in photographic greatness

OK, here is what I say. Happy photography in 2012 !!

We are on the cusp of a new year. What are photographic goals for the new year? Do you have any? or are you cool with where you are and how you shoot? Is there a desire to be better?

I will start.

1. I want to schedule in a week for Yellowstone this year, hopefully in September.

2. I will extend my trip to Denver an extra two days, to go to RMNP, for Elk bugling season.

3. I am looking at one of two exotic locations for (photo) vacation this year.

4. Dig into Photoshop a little deeper.

5. At least three times in 2012 leave the house with only one prime lens and make that work.

6. More street photography.

7. Take one one workshop or class on art and composition.

OK, your turn. For some inspiration, I offer the three videos below. I think I have posted two of the three before. There is some overlapping info but all are good and worth the time.



And probably one of the most important: Visualization - by the man himself.



  • GuidenetGuidenet Posts: 239 Officer
    1. I need to build my website. I've been talking about it forever. I've got the software and the domain.
    2. I'd like to learn HDR and get better enough at it so I can decide on whether I'd like to use it frequently.
    3. I'd like to visit Yosemite and maybe Death Valley, or a cruise to Alaska. Two out of three depending on scheduled heart surgery, maybe one or none.
    4. I'd like to get the studio in better order or move it.
    5. I'd like a new FX high megapixel body and no longer use APS-C crop bodies. Dispense with all the DX lenses.
    6. I'd like to get at least one new SB910 speedlight.
    7. Convert from Black Foamy Things to Snoots on my speedlights.
    8. Set up a macro table and do way more macro.
    9. Learn macro focus stacking.

    This is not necessarily in order. Some like the speedlight is trivial. The Website, HDR and focus stacking are in that order the most important right now.

    Two other photographers and myself are talking about leasing a storefront and converting it into a professional studio. One we are looking at has three large rooms and an office area up front. It used to be a AC wholesale parts store and is sort of wharehouse looking in back which is perfect. Each could have one of the large studio rooms. It would get my lighting gear out of the house. The other two actually do portrait and senior picture work. I just want it for my own use for now depending on the cost. The only paid portrait work I've been doing has been corporate and not much of that. Maybe if I had more time.

    I'd love to do more Little League but need to study Flash (Dave) a little longer. Seriously.

    That just leaves my passion for bird photography. I'll stick with that. :)
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  • Cane PoleCane Pole Stuart, FLAPosts: 9,906 Admiral
    My goals are endless!

    1. Starting Jan 1 2012 in my favorite city in the world, New Orleans.
    2. Possible Cuba trip
    3. Build studio, and master lighting techniques.
    4. Master my D700
    5. Acquire portrait lens and 70-200 zoom
    6. Shoot weddings
    7. Become renowned local family portrait photographer.
    8. Acquire backup DSLR, possibly D7000.
    9. Develop day with 30 hours in it.
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  • ChuckcChuckc Posts: 4,398 Captain
    1. Stay employed to fund other items
    2. Buy an UW zoom
    3. Buy a 300F4 Nikkor
    4. Buy a speedlight to replace mine that was stolen.
    5. Buy Guidenet's 17-50 Promaster/Tamron for $150.00 when he gets out of the DX game. :)
    6. Learn how to use what I own better and try to develop some sort of artistic eye.
    7. Find photo opportunities in the everyday.
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