So now that it appears it will be Romney



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    ferris1248 wrote: »
    Until y'all are in the majority. You see, that's the way it works.

    I'm a proud moderate who believes in compromise, diplomacy and statesmanship. I don't believe in hard lines or "my way or the highway" attitudes. I believe both parties have good ideas and these ideas should be discussed and implemented for the benefit of the country, not the individual political party.
    If you are a moderate that's fine. If both parties had more moderates we might could actually get a budget passed... I agree there has to be give and take for the countries good. I just don't like being told a conservative can't win and we end up with milk toast moderate candidates that DON'T win.
    I don't see Obama, Reid, or Pelosi doing much reaching across the aisle, unless it's to stab someone in the back.
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