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First Smoke

Smokey Mountain arrived Thursday. Put it together on Friday and did my first smoke today.

8.6 lb standing rib roast using the recipe from http://virtualweberbullet.com/ribroast2.html

Used hickory instead of pecan; smoke took 3 hours 15 minutes; temp at grate ranged between 310 and 325;

Took the meat off when the internal temperature reached 134 and tented for about 40 minutes.

Here are the pics:

Rubbed in Montreal steak seasoning and into fridge for 24 hours; 2 hours resting before going on the smoker

Weber thermo reads about 50 degrees lower than the digital

Right before removing from smoker

A tad overdone for my taste, but the only way my wife will eat it

Smoke flavor was amazing, Montreal seasoning was a little heavy on the salt, though.

Overall, very happy with the new smoker and the family was impressed.


  • T TopT Top Posts: 3,706 Captain
    Very nice, looks tasty.
  • FlashFlash Posts: 11,193 AG
    I'd trust the digital. Good you went by internal temp, but I would get that smoker temp down more in the 225 to 250º range if you can.

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  • AbelmanAbelman Posts: 1,853 Captain
    Looks good, very good for a first smoke!!

    As for the thermo, try and take it out and see how accurate it is. If you boil some water, at sea level it should read 212 degrees. For every 500' in elevation, you'll loose 1 degree. That means at 500 foot elevation, water will boil at 211 degrees. Where I live, it boils at 200 degrees. Altitude will also change a lot as far all cooking goes. I just bring that up for that reason as it changes cooking the higher you go.

    The other thing where altitude doesn't matter is cold water. Crush some ice, fill up the glass just so the water covers the ice. That should read 33,34 degrees depending on the insulation of the glass/cup.

    If your thermo is way off, let me know and i can point you to a place that sells good relacement thermos at a decent price.
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